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Weekly Wellbeing Classes

While our primary focus lies on offering training programs in experiential anatomy and transdisciplinary education, we also maintain an exciting weekly schedule of activities offered by project leaders in different fields.

Rather than focusing on one style or approach, we believe in bringing you an integrated range of movement practices and holistic approaches to wellbeing. 

Our mission at Wellco

Integrated Wellbeing, Spiritual Practice, Heart-Centered Community


Wellco serves as a hub with many facets and a manifold mission.

Our classes are thematic laboratories where each of our researchers develops their own holistic approach to transdisciplinary education and wellbeing. 

Our community calling is...

.... to provide the tools and experiences that allow us to honor and care for our “vehicle”, our marvelous physical bodies. offer a space for a diverse array of spiritual and wellbeing practices that assist us in transcending feelings of separation and that foster heart connection, creativity and a genuine unique path for each person.  


... to continuously build a home for Barcelona's conscious community that not only includes weekly classes but also donation-based social nights, conscious weekends, and special creative events.  


... to provide a space where ground breaking ideas and research in all of the above mentioned areas emerge- building on collaborations with other schools, arts organizations, community contributions and experts in different fields.


... to be a community where heart-to-heart connection happens naturally, synchronicities are allowed to unfold freely, and individuals come to meet new friends and make their dreams come true.


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